What do you have a body for?

"You don't only have a body to carry your head around town"

- Gerald Hüther, professor for brain science


For real, we have this powerful tool, the amazing unity with all it's incredible and highly developed parts: OUR BODY. And what do we use to a large degree during our every day life in modern society? The analytic part of our brain. We read, drive the car, work on the computer, watch TV, sit at a table... what do all of these "activities" have in common? High level of brain activity and a low level of physical activity of the larger body parts such as our arms and legs. Which is cool, because we are also intelligent beings... also, but NOT ONLY. For hundreds and thousands of years we walked for hours, ran, climbed, built (physically with old school tools), lifted heavy weights as a usual daily exercise to make life happen.

People engaged in any type of sports or physical work know the ever so content feeling after a really powerful workout. I'm teaching Yoga now for more than 16 years and the relaxed, relieved and happy faces after a really challenging class still remain. What is it that makes us so happy? Is it the 20 chaturangas, really?

Chaturanga or marathon, pull ups or gardening, cleaning large windows or doing handstands... It is that we came to this world with this immense temple of treasures: the body. Which wants to be discovered in all its parts and it is only through really making use of all its strength, flexibility and coordination of the body, to the extend we're comfortable in our present state of life, that makes us full, holistic and healthy beings. When the mind can feed off the powerful qualities of a sensitive body, knowing to access strength and fexibility in a sustainable and positive way, it tunes into the same qualities and makes us complete and powerful beings combining our strength of body and mind.

The Lunar Immersion offers something unique! It allows you to really be in your body for full 5 days. What is unique, is that you get to be in your body without accessing the sympathetic nervous system, but to really surrender into the parasympathetic nervous system allowing healing to take place while diving deep into relaxation. Sometimes passive, sometimes active. Through practicing therapeutic flying and exchanging Thai Yoga Massage you get to enter all layers of your body emerge truly refreshed and and in full radiance after immersing yourself into the practice of the embodiment of healing arts. Absorbing information through transmission rather than the linear way through the analytic mind makes it a palpable learning experience giving you the 360 degree spectrum of any aspect.

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