"Communication leads to community, that is, to understanding, intimacy and mutual valuing."

- Rollo May


A majority of our every day life in modern days is dedicated to support our a reality which is ruled by technology and sets us forth into a quite separated lifestyle. We work more hours to invest in a bigger house, with a bigger garden which becomes a box in which every family locks themselves seperately. We drive bigger cars which carry less passengers and our cell phone allows us to rather text than call, rather FaceTime than visit. As the list of separating dynamics could go on forever.

Every night when I drive home from teaching I see a group of teenagers sitting in a circle in the cold autumn air, having a beer, talking. Actually listening to Yuval's book "Sapiens" it came to me that this is one versions how we translate the arch type-like "the sitting around the fire" of our old nomadic and early settling days of humanity into our modern days. And I remember how I was part of those talking over a beer and cigarettes circles also, how organic that felt.

I always wondered, though: these circles where mostly accompanied by alcohol and other drugs... So, how to create a dynamic to just be together for the sake of being together to share?

Life becomes whole and healthy when we have the right tools to build a strong community which becomes a support network and offers conversation partners for reflection and story sharing.

A Lunar Immersion brings people together in the name of healthy movement and healing arts. It cultivates the most powerful qualities of a community: Listening, trust, loyalty, respect, understanding, bringing value through touch. Through the practice of communication skills, therapeutic flying and thai yoga massage you'll find yourself in a feeling of being ever so supported and held; a place in which new visions can arise to truly transform your life.

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