AcroYoga Lunar Immersion Ettlingen FIRST WEEKEND ONLY

AcroYoga Lunar Immersion Ettlingen FIRST WEEKEND ONLY

with Julia Weis & Pascal Weis
Nov. 7th - 8th 
Ettlingen, Germany

Do you miss the delight of human connection and touch? We do, too. We’re beyond excited for this November’s Lunar Immersion to fill up the cup of being held and celebrating community. Get ready to dive down deep within the healing part of the AcroYoga practices. Come join us on the journey of true listening, diving deep into the art of touch down on the ground and up in the air.

The Lunar Immersion focuses on the healing, relaxing and rejuvenating practices of healing arts, Thai Yoga Massage and therapeutic flying. In preparation for the dance of Thai Yoga Massage the Lunar Asana Sequence teaches basic body mechanics with a focus on cultivation of self-­love. 

The techniques learned on the floor are then translated to the flying work, using the element of gravity to amplify the healing flow of prana (life force). Often, we will work in teams of three for safety and support, and everyone will have the opportunity to base and fly, heal and be healed. 

This training offers invaluable tools for yoga teachers, massage therapists, and energy workers who wish to develop a new dimension of healing touch for students or clients.

- Lunar Asana Sequence
- Thai Nuad Bodywork in Supine, Prone, Side Lying, & Seated positions
- Forward, Backward & Reverse Flying
- Therapeutic Flying Sequences.

This event fulfils a pre-requisite for AcroYoga teacher training.
The immersion will be taught in English. 

Part 1) November 7. - 8., 2020

Kronenstraße 11

76275 Ettlingen


Saturday & Sunday: 09:00 - 12:30 & 14:00 - 17:30 h
total: 14 hours



DROP IN OPTIONS for part 1 only:
- first 5 students: € 240
- first 6 - 10 students: € 280

This immersion is non-residential. All fees are excluding accommodation and food.


- Up to 45 days prior to event start: Full refund less an administrative fee of € 50.
- 14 days prior to event start: 50% refund.
- After that: No refunds, no exceptions.
- No refunds or discounts for failure to attend or failure to complete the workshop.