Of all the things we should hold onto -literally-, human touch is surely one of the most precious. 

The value of touch is limitless; it makes us feel connected, safe and united. As our lives become more and more steered towards telecommunication and speed, we are slowly shutting ourselves off from this very powerful and beautiful form of communicating. 

- Sandy Joy Rubin


Through mindful touch we create a sense of belonging. Receiving this rhythmic touch resets the nervous system.

Bodycentered Coaching consists of two parts. The bodywork and the wisdom work. 

The onset of a deep breathing pattern through slow, careful and loving touch helps you to release the issue from the tissue and brings your mind back into calm & connect. In this state of being, body, mind & spirit can transform the turmoil of everyday life into experiences that can be assimilated and integrated easily.

During the Bodywork part your body will be guided through a organic series of opening yoga positions remaining completely passive to be carried and held by the giver. These passive movements allow your body to resolve blockages in joints and affected muscle groups. In the most gentle way the practitioner uses hands, thumbs, elbows, knees or feet to stimulate the energy lines and pressure points on the body to restore the subtle energy flow, to harmonize the entire energy system so self-healing can occur.

This comprehensive full body treatment relieves muscle tension, awakens the self-healing powers and contributes to a holistic well-being. Through this type of Bodywork without oil, in comfortable clothing on the ground, on a soft, warm mat, as a silent work of deep relaxation, resetting of the nervous system, contemplation and connectedness a door opens.

This door is the gateway to your innermost wisdom. The bodywork opens a pathway in deep, meaningful questions guiding the way into your powerfully embodied congruency and a grounded efficacy.

This ishow you enter into your unique pathway to your innermost wisdom and clarity.

A coaching process guided by the wisdom and integrity of the body being called forth into the receptive mind. 


Leave renewed and aligned with your original self. 



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