Being female includes the gift of the ability to give birth. It's about stepping into the power of the Goddess which births new life into the world. With this incredible power comes the responsibility (as our ability to respond) to make the right choices for ourselves and therefor state an example for our children and the world around us.

It's a powerful moment which requires us to stop looking on the outside for answers, but to turn inward and find OUR way of walking the path into motherhood. Our sisters will always be there to support us and while they have powerful tools to point us in the right direction having walked their path before us, they (me included) will always reflect back at us to listen within for our own unique truth.



During my Doula training in Bali I came across precious information which help to make informed choices rather than feeling like a play ball of a medicalised pre-natal care.

Flip through the list of resources and hopefully find information to questions you might have about pregnancy and birth, all of the points below are links taking you to a source to get more information on each topic:


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