„You are still alive. And that means you‘ll love and be loved… and in the end, nothing else matters.“

- Nicholas Spark


Perspective taking is empathy. Empathy is a function of compassion. Compassion is one of the four aspects of true love (the four brahmaviharas). The four aspects of true love circle back to be the foundation of true empathy and are one of the most powerful tools for true healing.


So far for the theory.


In real life one of the most powerful opponents of empathy, love, healing, freedom, joy, peace is dis-stress. And stress is a creepy creature. We all know cognitively what stress is and how to avoid it. The creepiness in stress is that with each small and large incident of us going over the limit (in fun ways such as party, sports or personal projects or not so fun ways such as meeting external or sometimes internal expectations which are past our current limits and resources) we 

A) drain our natural energy reservoir and 

B) - which is heavily threatening to our feeling of aliveness - numb ourselves towards our needs.


A) and B) are highly correlated. The more we numb ourselves toward our needs the more likely we are to drain and/or exhaust our natural energy resources and dry up the juices of our lives; Our capactiy to feel joy, love, hope, enthusiasm and all the foundational qualities for a positive outlook on live. Because we can’t numb feelings selectively, we numb our selves fully. If we numb pain, we’ll also inhibit our capacity to feel love. 


So far, in my work, I’ve been mostly on the facilitator side. Being the safe container for people to come back in touch with their feelings, reset their nervous system, (re-)align with their true north.

Just recently I gained a much deeper insight into the work I’m doing to others by being facilitated, by being IN the container. Conscious presence, equanimous space holding, no agenda listening, curious patience, true empathy, being unconditionally held.


What I learned in an embodied depth is: None of us is infinitly resilient to stress. Hand on my heart: not even me. And the mechnanics of accumulated stress are far more intricate and guarded from our inner radar than I previously understood. Especially in the “rush hour of life” in which we have many conflicting needs with our family units and many intergenerational demands to juggle. And especially when driven by a “mission”, a passionately defined, all encompaasing life goal. In the vortex of which all self care slips off the never ending to do list until we distanced ourselves from ourselves so far, that we can’t find our way back home on our own.

Here I am, deeply grateful for the learning which takes me to the next level of my own process facilitation and space holding. Deeply grateful for the most precious friendships which reach far beyond the ordinary. We are all here to walk each other home.

Deeply inspired to continue to refine my newest protocol BODY CENTERED. A coaching process that closes the gap between you and YOU realigining you to the intelligence of your body to navigate your journey back home.  

A.L.I.V.E. means full allowance to express your innermost authentic self boundless and without filter. It‘s a direct expression of innermost self. It‘s got all the layers, all the flavors, all the facets. It doesn‘t cling onto or identify with only one aspect. It embraces and respects all the aspects and rides waves and flows with the tides.

If you want to come alive with us this summer 2022, HEAL. FEEL. LEAD. 200YTT is your address.

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