Goa can be everything, from the darkest dark to the brightest light. You can loose yourself or find yourself and everything in between. It strongly depends on your intention and decisions you make: Where to stay, where to go, what to do. From enlightenment to hashish smoking darkness, from raw food to fast food, from the detox of your life to the hang over of your life. You choose.

If you’re like me on a quest to the bright and more quiet side, here are my recommendations:

General advice for accommodation:

Stay in Mandrem, rather than in Arambol. Mandrem is a bit more settled, less crazy and has more quiet spaces to pull back to.

The whole stretch of beach up here is gorgeous and it’s a must to enjoy sunrise and / or sunset. The sun rises in land and sets into the ocean and it’s a very special time!!! Either sit quietly at the beach like many goans and enjoy the transformation into night/day, go for a walk along the shore or enjoy the drumming circle embedded in a circus like setting in front of Love Temple on Arambol beach. There is a market set up by mostly foreigners with fairly nice things such as jewellery, art and fashion. You’ll get roasted corn, fresh coconut and fruit offered by locals. The sound of the drum, fire shows and AcroYoga if some practitioners are around make this a really special setting. Certainly enjoyable if you like some live around you.

Go for long walks at the beach, you can walk all along the coast from Ashvem, through Mandrem to Arambol without leaving the beach.

All in total is about 1h 30 depending on your speed and if you stop for a swim. When the sun rises in the morning the fisher boats come in and it’s a quite romantic thing to share the silence and watch the birds waiting for their share :)




My favourite raw food place. Since I always have a hard time to choose, I take the raw Thali as it gives me the widest range of their offer on one plate. Salads, Zucchini Pasta, Avocado-Moringa Shake, great juices, raw breads, great dessert and no wifi. It’s on the third floor with a super cozy set up. Certainly a place to retreat and rejuvenate.


Raw Vegan Ice Cream (Hippies Gusto)


Yum, Yum, Yum… Ice cream at it’s best. Since this year they’re even more awesome as they make your scoop fresh following your taste. You choose one of six “cream-bases” (mine is always chocolate), add your favourite fruit, superfood if you like, as well as spices of your choice, they mix it all together on a cold plate and scrape it into half of a coconut. No sugar, no preservatives, no dairy, no bullshit, no trash. Now that they’re together with Coffee heaven you can even get a shot of espresso into your ice cream shake…

Gish, I love this place!!!


Magic Park


Watch out, you might spend the whole day there. Close to the beach, yet a jungle like set up. Super green and super cozy to sit (if it’s not mosquito time). They have a large selection for vegans and vegetarians, great breakfast, lunch and dinner. A meeting place for super interesting people making you go from meal, into great conversation into the next meal. Certainly addictive.

They also have a roof top with a great variety of yoga classes, life concerts in the restaurant, workshops and more.



India is genuinely a place for masala chai, not for coffee in a western understanding. Outside of special coffee places I learned to stay away from ordering one. Dylan’s is a place where you can happily choose from any type of coffee you’re used to. They import their coffee and train their staff well. I love the mocca there and super special: Look out for Sissi Perlinger's (German comedian who had her carrier high around 2004) Comedy Satsang. It’s fun!!!




Another great breakfast and coffee place. Muesli, Soy milk, Coffee selection, cakes and other good things.


The Source


Former “Banyan tree”, now called The Source. Great food, such as soft Tacco, Momos, Thali, Millet Salad, as well as a nice breakfast selection, smoothies, cold coffee and more. Café and Restaurant during the day time. An amazing location offering concerts and ecstatic dance at night. A place full of tree spirit, close to the beach. Quite special!

Forgotten Land


They have a really nice restaurant overlooking the beach and a shala in their back “ecstatic field Goa”, ecstatic dance and other offerings at night. Cool to hang out in the shade when you got enough from the sun at the beach.


Matsya kitchen

A super special treat if you like to fancy one night. For 2000INR you can enjoy a 5 set menu served under the stars of the wide open sky in Goa. A super talented cook, a beautiful roof top on Temple road, organic vegetables from the Samatha Farm making this an unforgettable and delicious event in a beautiful ambiance. Pre-booking required!


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