ThaiYoga Friday

A ThaiYoga Online Workshop for all! 

19th of march 2021

7 - 9pm  

45€ / per couple
Home office, car, sitting, cycling, sleeping in side position with the legs pulled in... many of us spend - conscious or  unconscious-  90% of their life time in a position with their hip flexed.. 

The psoas muscle, or hip flexor, is a muscle which - if too tight- can cause quite a lot of postural problems leading into lower back pain or slowing down the peristaltic movement of the large intestine... and when the psoas it too tight not only the body suffers.

Also the more subtle layers of the human are concerned. Stress hormones like  Adrenalin oder Cortisol contract verifiably the poses muscle as an answer of the sympathetic nervous system to stress and / or angst.

It doesn't matter where the tension comes from, in this workshop we'll be loosening it all up. Using ThaiYoga techniques combined with the principles of the  4 Brahamaviharas (Metta, Mudita, Karuna, Uppeksha), along with the right body mechanics, a lot of compassion and precision we'll work through the tension of this big and strong muscle layer by layer.

We'll contribute to sustainable relaxation of all layers of our being and help aligning to Gravity from our center.


What you'll need at home:

* Thai Yoga Massage "bed" (doubled Yoga mat, plus blanket oder Shiatsu/Bodywork mat)

* blankets and pillows for your comfort

* warm socks

*tea or water to stay hydrated

* a journal if you like.

After registering through this page you're signed up. You'll receive the Zoom link at the day of the event in the afternoon. . 

We're super excited to release the Psoas with you!

Julia & Pascal 




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